The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbors

by Diane Spilker, The Quill Staff

Meet Your Neighbor: James Franklin Yetter. Yetter is La Harpe's own "Leap-Year Baby". He was born in Webster, on February 29, 1920 to James and Mary Yetter. 

In actual calendar years, he is only 22 years old since leap year occurs every 4 years; however, in physical years, he is 88 years-old. 

Mr. Yetter lived in Webster, until he enlisted in the Army in June 1942. He was stationed in the Pacific during WWII in an Infantry Division as a Staff Sergeant. 

He was in charge of 24 men at the beginning of his tour and at the end of it, he was responsible for 38 men (which should have been 48 men). 

After seeing combat for 32 days, James received the Bronze Star for his accomplishments during WWII. 

He was discharged in December 1945. 

After returning home from the service, he worked in Peoria at the Caterpillar Tractor Company in the Engine Testing Department, where he met his soon-to-be wife, Georgia Lee Stewart (who also worked there). 

They were married on May 7, 1955. After 30 years of service to the company, he and his wife retired. Shortly thereafter, they moved to La Harpe in January 1978. 

He and his wife do not have children, however, he has a large family including 3 sisters and 1 brother.  Anna Mary Jones is currently residing in Webster. Two of his sisters, Olive Hillers of Fountain Green and Forest Fuller of Webster are deceased. His brother, Harley Yetter of California, is also deceased. 

In his spare time, he is an active member of the Webster Church under the direction of Pastor Tillman. He is not able to get around much because of his heart by-pass surgery, which occurred in 1998. 

If you see Mr. Yetter this year, wish him a Happy Birthday, it will be 4 more years till he can celebrate again.