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Rash of Burglaries Hits One Home in Hancock County

By Diane Spilker, The Quill Staff

Over the last 19 to 20 months, the home of Pat Williams has been burglarized over 4 times.

"The home is located in the Hancock County Sheriff's jurisdiction and has been vacant for 3 years", says Mrs. Williams. It is surrounded by other homes, which are also vacant. 

Although, Mrs. Williams did not want to release the location of the home, she is gravely concerned that the burglaries will get worse and cause more damage to her family home. Mrs. Williams says "she and her family have worked hard over the years to maintain a nice home with nice things and now someone is destroying that for her". 

The first break-in occurred around May or June of 2006. The burglars came in through the kitchen window, breaking the dead bolt locks on the front door and leaving the door standing wide open. During this time, they took a jewelry box containing photos, CD player, CD's, a Menard's store jacket and some other small items. It appeared that the items taken were small enough to pawn "without suspicion". 

The second break-in had the same pattern, coming in through the kitchen window and exiting out the front door, leaving it open. On the second invasion, nothing was found to be missing. At this time, the Sheriff's Department and family members thought it might be the prank of some teenagers; however, a third break-in occurred. 

On the third occasion, the same identical pattern was noted with the kitchen window and front door. Items being tampered with during this encounter was a typewriter and some antique glasses. Again, small items that could be pawned for "quick cash". 

The fourth break-in was a different pattern involving more damage to the property, the kitchen door padlock was busted and the kitchen was "trashed" as the burglar "went through boxes left and cabinets". During this robbery, a bucket of brass fittings from the basement was taken along with tools and a toolbox from an old "junked" truck outside. 

It was also noted that a fifth burglary occurred last fall when the family noticed a ladder leaning up against the house and all the copper wiring and lightening rods missing from the sides of the house. Even with the evidence left behind, the Sheriff's office has not located the person or persons responsible for the break-ins.  The latest break-in was on February 5th, when Mrs. Williams' son noticed the garage door open and the basement door open. The only thing noted as being stolen was an old wood stove from the kitchen, something heavy enough to require both time and strength to move. 

Police reports are on file for all but one of the burglaries with the Hancock County Sheriff's Department and after investigating each break-in, no one has been arrested. The closest encounter with an arrest was a tip that came in, giving the Sheriff's Department enough information to "watch" a couple for a short period of time. The couple has been reported as "moved out of the area". 

The Sheriff's Department is patrolling the area regularly with no signs of catching the burglar. Mrs. Williams and her family ask that "if anyone has any information or knows anything to please contact her or the Hancock County Sheriff's Department and you don't have to reveal your name".