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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: Gobernor Blagojevich must step aside or be impeached quickly.  Either is acceptable.

Greetings and wishes for a Merry Christmas to everyone in Western Illinois, especially to all of those in Hancock and Henderson counties.

May the season's joys warm your hearts and encourage you as we move closer to a new year,

I have this friend, Jim, who is a devout Republican, who surprised me recently.

When the problems of our present Governor Rod Blagojevich came up as a topic in conversation, he stated, "I'm for keep'n him in office until his term expires".

Gasping for air, I states, "That's not like you. What are you up to now?"

He says, "I never voted for him either time he ran for office. Especially, the second time, when everyone knew he was under investigation and had proven himself to be outside the law so frequently.

"The Democrats deserve what they've got!" Anyways, "Jim says, "Rod Blagojevich, with his Serbian heritage, is only demonstrating what his people did in Eastern Europe. Destroy the government, destroy your enemies, destroy righteousness, swear your innocence, and Fight! Fight! Fight!

"They started WW I by assassinating Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand and many American lives were lost as a result. Recent history, even has a sicker story of Serbs in their "Fight! Fight! Fight!' attitude".

Well, I'm not sure I agree with Jim, however, many Republicans wish to keep the governor in office to embarrass the Democrats by exposing all his misdeeds. They quaked, however, when the governor asked the state and its citizens to pay for his legal fees to prove his Innocence!

The Democrats, or at least some, want to keep him in office for other reasons. They despise Lt. Governor Pat Quinn and don't want to give the Lt. Governor a two year chance to establish a good reputation. Mike Madigan has a strong willed goal to have his daughter and attorney general, Lisa Madigan, become Governor of Illinois.

"If he can keep Blagojevich in office two more years, and Lisa Madigan fighting him all the way.... "Bingo!' He figures she's got a shot at the office".

And, what do you think of those Democrats that don't want to have a special election to fill president elect Obamas vacant senate seat? They call it their seat, and they don't want to lose it.

"Whatever happened to the senate seat belonging to the people? Why has it become like chattel, passed around within special families like royalty in Europe does? Why not let the people decide?

Municipal elections will be held this spring of 2009. Mayors, township officials, school board members, will all be elected the 2nd Tuesday in April. It can't cost $50 million dollars to attach one more item to the ballot.

By my estimation, there is only one hope to put closure to this self serving bunch of politicians in both parties. It lies in the strength of the American Legion.

These folk, both men and women, have honorably served and sacrificed for our country in time of war and peace. They have actually opposed communism, fascism, and all forms of totalitarianism. They promote and work to build American ideals with programs of youth activities.

In our area, we have Dallas City Post #297, Stronghurst Post #765, La Harpe Post #301, Biggsville Post #1176, and the Gladstone Post has joined up with Monmouth. If I've forgotten any, I apologize.

The only thing needed for evil to prevail is for good men to remain silent!

Who hasn't puffed up with pride to see these individuals in a parade or at a funeral ceremony paying their last respects to a fallen comrade.

At Dallas City, we have Commander Kevin Brewer, and Ron Shipman, Steve Roberts, Don Luder, and Fred Hoenman, among others.

At Stronghurst is Legion Commander Jim Blender, Art Kane, Delbert Rankin, Gilbert Linder, Bill Brokaw, Ralph Tatge, Dale Anderson, Rex Mynatt and David Leath, among others.

At La Harpe Darrel Kraft is Commander, Mike Blythe, Ken Brown, John Lee, and Dan Gillett among many others.

At the Biggsville Post is Roger VanTine Commander, Ray Shafer, Jack Brokaw, Robert Craven, Bob Scott, Roger Kelly and Mark Shafer among others.

Gladstone Post members moved to Monmouth who has David Reid Clark I believe as Commander and I'm sorry I can't recall members names that far north.

These individuals are all the cream of the crop, as far as I'm concerned. They have risen to the occasion before, as needed, and proven their loyalty. It's time to make an additional sacrifice. Contact other American Legions throughout the state. Have them contact their legislators.

In our area contact State Representative Rich Myers, R-Colchester and State Senator John Sullivan, D-Rushville and advise them politics as usual must come to an end.

We must let the people elect our next senator in the spring municipal elections. Governor Rod Blagojevich must step aside or be impeached quickly, either/or is acceptable. The state must not pay any of his legal fees.

Individual legislators must be held accountable and if they keep playing their political games, they lose our vote in the next election.

"Quit your grandstanding, and start bringing this state out of the terrible financial mess it is in!"

The American Legion has the voting numbers, credibility, and demographics placed throughout the state to achieve action. Not as Republicans nor as Democrats, but as non partisan patriotic citizens.

Come on fellas, men and women, what say ye make one more sacrifice for the good of the next generation. Let us work together and contact others over the holidays.

Spread the word and let's bring about some positive action for the good of our state and its citizens.

Let's show America and the world we can clean this mess up. Banding together, good people can bring about positive change and bring in good government.

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I'll catch ya later,

Barnyard Bruke