The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to voice my displeasure with the Village President of Media and its board. 

Recently they decided to cut two trees down between the sidewalk and the street adjacent to my property. 

Although I realize that this decision has already been made and carried out the least they could have done was to contact me.

I only found out about it AFTER the trees were cut and gone. I have owned this particular property in Media for sixteen years.

I built the current house on the property in 1998, hence, I have some of the highest property taxes in Media. 

As a taxpayer and a registered voter, I feel common courtesy would have compelled the Village of Media to at least contact me BEFORE making such a decision or to at least contact me after the decision was made so I could at least go to a board meeting to state my case before any action was taken.

I do realize that one tree was not in very good shape. Hence, I can fully understand their decision. 

On the other hand, the second tree did not need to be cut down. The tree was near a utility line and merely needed trimmed back. Cutting it down is extreme to say the very least. 

I have since contacted the Village President. He informed me that one neighbor had complained about the trees and that one of the trees was near the power line going into their house.

He also informed me that board members had looked at the trees and made the decision to cut them down.

He also informed me that the trees were on the village right of way and they were their responsibility.

This may be true, but the least they could have done was to contact me.

I inquired about why they did not contact me in any way. I was told that they did not have my telephone number and did not know how to get a hold of me.

I find this excuse to be unsatisfactory at the very least.

At this point, there is not much I can do except voice my discontent by writing this letter. I feel that the Village of Media had a number of options available to them in contacting me.

They could have come by my house to talk to me. If I was not home, they could have left a message on the door or could have sent a letter to my mailbox at the Post Office in Media (also easy to find and they have my address from my water bills).

Another option could be contacting my parents although they have been having their own difficulties lately. IT IS NOT THAT DIFFICULT TO CONTACT ME! 

Currently, my house is on the market and I feel that the village's decision may make it more difficult for me to sell my home since trees are often a positive aspect for enhancing the sale of a property.

The least the village could do is plant two trees to replace the ones they have cut down. This would be the environmentally correct thing to do.

I have since built a new house in Stronghurst and will be relocating there soon.

On a positive note, I will no longer be a resident of the Village of Media (part time or otherwise) and I will no longer have to pay property taxes or be represented by the elected officials Mabel Magner, JoEllen Roark, Lee Avery, Karen Scott, Lisa Heap, Frank Long and Village President Nick Roark, many of whom I have seen and spoken to on numerous occasions in the past few months with not one of them saying anything to me about the trees when clearly they could have. 


Randy Jarvis

Media (soon to be Stronghurst)

Dear Editor,

It was very upsetting for me to see the editorial ( letter to the editor of Kameron Miller) about the Memorial Hospital since it didn't have the correct information.

The new hospital is going to be built. The board and CEO and CFO are looking very carefully on the funding prospects before loans are taken out.

They care how patient's money is spent and will build the hospital a cost effective as possible.

The employees have committed to contributing $500,000 to the new hospital because we also care and are more than willing to help because the hospital is a wonderful place to work.

We have many projects to raise the money and the bake sales are just a small part of the equation. The community has been great to support such a worthy cause.

The board CEO, CFO are looking at what is best for generations to come. The hospital is very important to Hancock County.

The employees, staff and doctors are committed to providing the best medical coverage to the community.

The plans are going forward as I write this letter. So please have the facts straight before giving them out.

Alta Hutchison
La Harpe

Dear Editor,

Words can not express our deepest appreciation to all of the drivers, pit crews, friends, families and race fans that came out to 34 Raceway to pay honor and respect to our fallen 2008 Sebastian Sandblasting Sprint Car Track Champion, Brian Hetrick, that sustained fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident.

The generosity and the respect that this racing community has shown to the Hetrick Family is indescribable.

After passing contribution helmets through the crowd, the 50% share of the 50/50 money, the "34 Raceway" Track contribution and the New London Fire Department contributing their wages for the evening, the grand total raised was well over $4000 for Brian's memorial funds. It's unbelievable!

That's what racing is all about, FAMILY, FRIENDS and RESPECT for one another.

To our Racing Family, we are so proud to be involved with such a great racing community. You are the best!

Jeff & Amy Laue

34 Raceway

Burlington, Iowa