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Illini West High #307 raises Meal ticket

Due to rising food costs and a large deficit in the cafeteria program, Illini West has raised its lunch prices moderately to alleviate this problem. Prices are as follows:

Breakfast $1.00
Student lunch $2.00
Adult lunch $3.00
Milk $ .30

LaRae Roth and Troy Noble were awarded "Good Idea" awards for their creative plans to enhance life at Illini West. Mrs. Roth graciously organized a successful freshman orientation to better familiarize students with the layout of their new school.

Mr. Noble, the new I.W. Athletic Director, has implemented a program whereby ads can be placed temporarily on the gymnasium floor with the profit going into the student activity fund for the benefit of the entire student body.

Lisa Trout, Robert Duffy, John Hartweg, Harold Northrup, John Edris, Tim Lafferty, Dale Schamberger, and Chris Adams were all offered employment as bus drivers for the school year. Illini West may still be in need of additional drivers to take students to various evening activities. Anyone interested in driving a bus should contact, Dr. Lewis at Illini West High School.

Rusty Pitt was approved as a volunteer golf coach. Keith Hartweg was hired as Study Hall Supervisor and Katie Staggs is the new freshman volleyball coach.

There are a bevy of new faces to greet you in the Illini West High School office this year with Dawn Hellyer being the newest addition to the secretarial staff.

August 20th is the first day for students at Illini West, it is a full day of attendance.