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Gulfport Opened To Flood Victims

Two months after the June 17th flooding, Gulfport residents were let into the Village to see their homes for the first time this past weekend.

Above is Gulfport Mayor Ed Ronner's home, which ATC subcontractor taking care of environmental issues helped Ronner enter by kicking in his door, then shutting off the gas that was still on. The ATC will do monitoring for FEMA checking for mold, asbestos, etc. making sure proper precautions are taken during clean-up procedures by contractors and homeowners.

The Henderson County Sheriff's department were securing the area both Saturday and Sunday while the village was opened for homeowners. Counselors and ministers were on hand to help owners deal with the stress of seeing their home for the first time. Many have sought temporary housing, or FEMA mobile units. Some are living in Iowa but if in a temporary rental, their school age children are eligible to continue at West Central and will be bused from Burlington to Illinois.