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Gladstone Votes To Vacate Lynn Street In Tie-Breaker

In a 7:00 p.m. special Gladstone Village board meeting Sunday, August 3rd, called by Mayor Rex McKinney in an advertised agenda for "Paying Bills" and "Clean-up On The Flood," three board members voted to "vacate Lynn Street," and three voted against the action. Mayor McKinney broke the tie with a "Yes" vote.

Also, at the meeting, the board unanimously agreed to purchase land along the edge of Sebastian's property line, outside the Village. A cost was not specified in connection with this purchase.

Mayor Rex McKinney called the meeting to order with all Village Trustees present including Jim Hetrick, Byron Sebastian, Mike Hopkins, Darlene Manes, Junior Bielser, and Flo Stewart, and Clerk Joyce Hetrick.

Seven guests were present including Deputy Mike Link, Kurt McChesney, Donnie Olson, Matt Gray, Pam and Russ Furnald, and Peter Rousonelous.

Rex McKinney asked if anyone had any bills pertaining to flooding and if so, they should turn them into Darlene Manes by Monday night (August 4th).

Manes made a motion to buy 30 foot of ground around the edge of Byron Sebastians on the North and on the West, so they can put a levee up if needed. (Property is not owned by Sebastian and is farm ground outside the Village of Gladstone)

The motion was seconded by Junior Bielser.

Jim Hetrick asked how much the cleanup was going to cost, but no amount was given. A roll call vote was taken and everyone voted yes.

A second motion was made by Manes and seconded by Bielser to hire Kurt McChesney and Peter Rousonelous, of Gladstone, to move the sand levee and stockpile it. A roll call vote was taken and every trustee present voted yes, and the motion passed.

Manes made a third motion which was also seconded by Bielser to vacate Lynn Street for the purpose of building a levee. Roll call vote was taken with Bielser - yes, Manes, yes, Stewart yes; and Sebastian no, Hetrick no, Hopkins no. Mayor Rex McKinney voted yes breaking the tie and the motion carried.

Lynn Street, which runs east and west, is the furtherest northern street and intersects Highway 164.

The meeting was adjourned by a motion by Sebastian at 7:45 p.m., and seconded by Darlene Manes.