The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

"Take Me Out To The Ballgame"

Night At S.C. Lindo Field

People in the area are in for a real treat, while also raising some funds for upkeep to play "the old...!"

At the Biggsville's ball park, Village trustees and supporters are hosting a fun night on Saturday, May 24th to raise funds to help maintain the ball diamond at "Lindo Field."

"The village like a lot of other villages in this area, does not have the funding available to maintain the expensive granular clay that was used on the field to maintain its playability.

This "Take me out to the Ballgame" evening will allow us to cheer on our favorite celebrity, and show our colors, be it a Cubs, Cardinal, or some other baseball team you support," said Biggsville Village President Dale Allenbaugh.

"We will be playing "16 in softball" which is a game played without gloves with both men and women on the same team. The ball is so big that no one can hit it very far... Teams will be chosen from whoever shows up to play."

Allenbaugh said, if some business or association brings a team, they will make a place in the roster for them to play.

The game was originated in Chicago in 1887 with a popularity which most people are not aware of.

"The game only has 5 innings so it makes for a quick game. Some of us are not as young as we once were, so, I'm sure that time span will be more than long enough," he teased.

Village trustees are excited about the event that they hope will stir goodwill.

"We are offering the community a chance to give back, or pass it forward, while also laying back and enjoying an evening of fun with friends and neighbors."

All proceeds from the Hotdogs to the Peanuts will go to the "Field Maintenance Fund."

"It's really refreshing to see concern for the community and the values that started this country," Allenbaugh said. "The Mayor of Newark said in a PBS interview, "Change does not start with the government, but rather with you."

The question he put forth was, "What can you do in this country of opportunity to change what is happening around you."

Allenbaugh remarked that, "Individuals who have made a conscious decision to do what is right rather then what "pays" is what makes this country so great."

He asks all who wants to make a difference in a community to mark the event on your calendar on May 24th.

As Biggsville board members continue in developing plans for the evening, The Quill will respond with appropriate updates for this fun "Night at the Ballgame."