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Meet Your Neighbor

by Mitch Worley-Quill Reporter


Meet your neighbor, Oscar "Bud" Mittermeyer.

Bud was born May 20th, 1927 in Adrian, Illinois.

As his family struggled through the Great Depression and the years that followed along with every other family in America at that time, Bud's family moved around often from one small community to another.

He was the oldest son in the group of eight children, so he joined the US Navy to earn enough money to keep his family going in the absence of his father, who went blind. Bud fought in World War II from 1944 until the end of the war in 1945.

Not long after coming back from his tour of duty in Guam and other areas in the Pacific Ocean, he married Erice Campbell of Colchester.

They settled down in a farm home on the Fountain Green Blacktop, just past the La Crosse corner where they raised their only child, Marlene and farmed until the time Bud retired at age 80.

Bud is also the grandfather of Nicole Fowler and Roger Day, both of La Harpe, as well as the great-grandfather of five.

After having his last surgery, Bud has been rehabilitating at his granddaughter's home, but is now back to his usual form of taking things that don't function and making them run once again.

His favorite thing to do is spend time with all of his great-grandchildren, as well as do chores and mow grass.