The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letter to Editor



The West Central student group, 34 VOICES, is busy making plans to recognize the one year anniversary of the fatal accident on Highway 34 outside the high school that claimed the life of 34 year old Melissa Munoz of Moulton, Iowa.

In an effort to continue to put this issue in the forefront of the legislators serving this area and throughout the state, the student leaders are undertaking two distinct efforts.

First, a memorial service honoring Mrs. Munoz and the others who have died in traffic accidents on this 22 mile stretch of highway is being planned for Monday, May 5, 2008 beginning at 10:00 am. This service will be held at the north campus on the hill overlooking the accident site that claimed Mrs. Munoz's life. Please look for additional information in the coming weeks regarding this service.

The second initiative is a petition drive that will be undertaken by WC students and students from throughout Henderson County. Two petitions will be circulated.

The first, will be aimed at securing the signatures of all Henderson County students in grades 6-12. Signatures will be solicited on a voluntary basis from each of the counties students. It is essential that our elected leaders understand how the voters of tomorrow feel about this issue.

The second petition drive will be conducted on Saturday, April 26, 2008, in the morning. Plans are now being made to canvass each of the communities in Henderson County to seek the signatures of registered voters to show our legislators how the registered voters in the county feel about this project. Plans will be released in the next two weeks concerning this student led petition drive.

Any Henderson County group or organization who wishes to assist in this petition drive would be welcome to help.

Any group or organization who wishes to help should call:

Phil Geiser, WCHS Principal at (309) 627-2377
or Ralph Grimm, Superintendent at (309) 627-2371