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Good Health Report At Mayo Clinic, Makes Life Seem Better

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

12 December 2007

Good Health Report At Mayo Clinic, Makes Life Seem Better

Traveling up the long road to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota last week brought about a better report than I have had since going there for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. My first visit was in November 2002, five years ago.

All reports are clear and normal, which does not mean I can throw away my medicine, but it does means that the expensive "Humeria shot" I am taking is working.

When I answered the questionnaire that I always have to fill out every 6 months prior to my visits, I realized that things are much better.

It doesn't hurt to shake hands, or to open a car door, or to open a jar. I can lean over and put my socks on without help and on and on.

Although there is a little stiffness in the morning and in dressing, for the most part, compared to what I was in 2002, I am doing great.

I remember those days when I feared shaking hands, or opening car doors which were extremely painful, or walking far because it felt as if I were trying to push my body through a swimming pool. I could never keep up with others and I felt exhausted all the time.

All at once my yard was too much to handle as was my house. Condo living sounded great to me. But, now, I have my life back. I take a shot every other week that surpresses my immune system, and I take 3 little chemotherapy pills (Methrotrexate) each Sunday so that my body will not build up an immunity against the shot. I take one Folic Acid pill daily and use a Celebrex pill when needed for pain. I also take flu and pneumonia shots due to the shot and a fluid pill.

On my own, I take vitamins and estrogen and progesterone, walk on the treadmill 2-4 miles 3 times a week and try to keep my weight down and drink plenty of water.

If I do not keep active, it is hard to burn up the calories you take in and therefore it is easy to gain weight.

Going to Mayo Clinic is a great place, not just because of the doctors and research teams, but it also has great shopping and great restaurants if you feel well enough to enjoy them.

I usually stay at the Grand Kaylor Hotel, right across from the clinic, with subways full of unique shops in the subway level that also takes you under the street to the Mayo Clinic.

They are refurbishing this grand old hotel and it is a favorite place for famous people. For instance, the last time I stayed there the Marriot family were staying in the elaborate suite that covers the top floor as they were going through the Mayo Clinic. President George and Barbara Bush and George W. and his wife stay there as well.

Also, this summer when I was at the Clinic, the Dali Lama was at the Clinic, but I am not sure where he was staying. I know there are a lot of secret service there.

The Kaylo has everything from getting your hair done, to buying Starbucks, to great restaurants, fresh popcorn, massage therapist, shoe shiner and Barbershop, and boutiques.

The town has many great restaurants, art galleries, Norwegian shops, civic music, and a movie house with several theaters.

Different doctors have recommended different restaurants. A student doctor recommended one two blocks away that has great music but a coffee house band.

A research doctor recommended a French restaurant that was inside a house - expensive food, quiet and intimate. Many recommend the Italian restaurant Victoria's on the corner of the Kayor that serves hearty portions of its delicious food and romantic setting. Michael's Steakhouse has been voted the best steakhouse in Rochester for six years straight. Famous people from all over eat here. Their pictures string across the walls. More on it next week.