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Find Out Why You're Here?

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

15 August 2007

I found it interesting as I visited the Terre Haute Methodist Church Sunday morning to hear their new minister's message.

Tom Wright told us that when he was a Junior in college, his dad was getting ready to pay tuition for his third year of college, but first asked him if he had any idea where he was going with this education?

Until that moment, the pastor said he hadn't given it much thought. But his response to his dad's question even surprised him.

He responded: "Before I know where I'm going, I have to find out why I was put here in the first place."

Since that time, Pastor Wright said he began pursuing the reason he was put on this earth.

His message Sunday, was that each of us is created as a unique child of God, different from anyone else, for a specific purpose, that God had in mind.

Wright said there are ways in helping one find out what that purpose might be and he is more than happy to help anyone who wants to pursue the question, and look into it further.

He also talked about fear that we often have of doing things we want to do.

Usually, what a person fears to do the most, Wright said, is probabaly what he was designed to do. He said the Bible states that the Devil is a theif and a robber, and he likes to rob us of what God intends for us to do.

Fear doesn't come from God, he said.

I think many people are afraid of public speaking, yet I know some people who have so much they could share if they would get over this fear.

I too, believe we are all created with our own set of finger prints, unique to the rest of the world, and I hope we take Pastor Wright's suggestion and find out what God's intention was in creating us.

Maybe instead of drifting through life, we can actually make a difference in a positive way.

Pastor Wright is the new pastor at the Terre Haute, La Harpe, and Durham United Methodist Churches. He is better equipped to help you answer this question or discuss it further.

Don't be "afraid" to call him.

The Terre Haute church phone number is 217-659-7601.