The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Hats Off to The Fair Crew!

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

25 July 2007

Do you ever read the credits when a community event occurs? In the Henderson County Fair book, I was amazed to see the number of people who take time to produce such an amazing county fair. Listed in the 2007 are:

Officers: Bryan Arnold, James Mohr, Amy Nimrick Johnson, Barry Dowell, Sara Leary, Kellsy Leary, Tina Huston; Directors: Hugh Forbes, Tom Keane, Joe Kane, Russ Campbell, Dave Jack, Ed Brokaw, Curt Eisenmayer, John Lyon, Mike Jacobs, Scott Ford, Darrell Gittings, Steve Jack, Chad Scott, Jim Kane, Joe Huffman, Aaron Leary;

Superintendents: Arbry Vancil, Dudley Ricketts, Vicky Keever, Debbie Gillam, Joni Alecock, Pat Rankin, Jeanie Kane, Susan Lyon, Sandra Keane, Mary Alice Huntoon, Paula Clark, Renee Schneider, Dian Renken, Donna Powless, Sandi Lefler, Lynn Ragar, Mark Lefler, Bryan Heap, Renee Scheneider, Jon Corzatt, Delmar Jacobs, Richard Brokaw, Carol Huffman, Daryl Lenz, Charles Marshall, Mark Charbonneaux, Mike Cole, Randy Bigger, Don Carnes, Jr., Dean Ricketts, David Jack, Jim Kane. Plus the food tent workers and ticket takers, sponsors, and many, many others who help

When you see any of these, please join me in giving them a big thank you for making our fair a great event.