The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

It's A Busy July

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

18 July 2007

It doesn't seem like it could be much busier, at least for us at The Quill, but please don't try to prove me wrong until I get caught up.

Along with the 4th of July celebrations, there have been two large and beautiful garden walks which were in both ends of the county. Both were extremely enjoyable.

There have been meetings, and events that make you wonder how larger businesses ever keep up.

There's an economic boom with several new restaurants in Oquawka and La Harpe, and now a groundbreaking was held this past Thursday for the new Brent Family Pharmacy which has brought lots of excitement to the Henderson County Rural Health Center who's developed a partnership with the Brents to make this a reality.

Where pharmacists are hard to come by in rural America, the Brent family has four pharmacists in their family, twins Rodney and Lonnie, and sister Natalie, and Lonnie's wife Brenda who all live in and around Henderson County. Together they and their families have developed the Brent Family Pharmacy to offer residents here a service that has been lacking for over ten years.

In other events, the Henderson County Fair has begun this week and this weekend is the county's Relay For Life at West Central High School, rural Biggsville.

It is hoped you can take part in these worth while events. And if you miss seeing a few news article, please be patient with me until I catch up with the overload.