The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

It Is Finally Feeling More Like Spring

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

18 April 2007

Finally we've been able to mow our yards, wash our windows, clean our garage, and some of you have been lucky enough to clean your golf clubs and then actually use them.

The high 70s has arrived.

I felt badly for my friends who had tulips up only to find them drooping from the return of freezing weather.

And if anyone has lost a white duck with gray spots, one has wandered into our yard for the last three days.

People are beginning to ride bicycles, go for walks, kids are enjoying softball and hardball, several are walking to town rather than driving, and most of us are just glad to see the sunshine out for good, I hope.

My husband brought home a pre-mature calf that needed extra attention and I believe the warmer weather is even helping him recover.

Farmers are now anxiously preparing for planting season as everyone seems to feel the best during this time of year.

In our small communities, the vote is in on village and school races and some changes have occurred.

I hope we can all take a deep breath and look around at our communities and realize that Spring is the best time to let bygones be bygones, to extend a helping hand, and look for ways to make our homes and our communities the best they can be. When we can plant good seeds, we can reap a great harvest this fall.