The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Vote April 17th: It's Time To Choose Our Candidates

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

11 April 2007

Tuesday is election day, and many are still asking questions about who is on the ballot or what are the views.

If you have questions, call the County Clerk and ask who is on the ballot. You can also call a candidate and ask their views on issues.

Concerned citizens in Gladstone had a forum for residents to attend to help them learn about the issues and learn about the candidates.

It is good to talk to other board members and concerned citizens to find out their views as well.

I believe every election is an important one and when we stay home from the polls, we are giving up a precious opportunity to select those who will be making decisions for us.

Hopefully we will all select quality people with good communication skills, a caring attitude, a team player, someone who listens to others and seeks out all the possibilities before coming to a conclusion. It is hard to work on a board if someone dominates it or always seems to be controlling the issues.

A community is blessed when it has several people wanting to serve it.

It is extremely blessed when the majority of the residents living in the community comes out and votes and supports those who are volunteering to run.

A special thanks in advance to the candidates and all those who support them by voting in Tuesday's election.