The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Our Mission

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

28 March 2007

Choosing a Mission Statement for West Central School this weekend was quite thought-provoking and an idea we might all do for each of our endeavors in life.

West Central had completed their immediate goals, and it was time for an action plan for the next couple of years and beyond.

It was very educational in how our facilitator James F. Burgett, guided us through the process of planning for West Central's future.

First we picked a mission statement, then we wrote our beliefs, and on the last day we selected our strategies in which we wanted to direct the board for the next two or three years.

Our mission statement is most important because everything we do is funneled through that thought or idea.

For West Central, we selected "Providing Opportunity, Expecting Excellence."

It would be nice if not only business, and organizations selected mission statements, but if singles, married couples, and parents selected one as well.

Newlyweds could chose something like: "Look for the best. Overlook the rest".

Parents could choose "Love and Protect; Forgive and Encourage"

Singles could choose: "Be Truthful and Loyal, and Give My Best in all I do".

A mission statement is best when it is short and easy to remember. Burgett said it is useless if no one can remember it. Its purpose is to guide you and keep you on track for a successful future.