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I Like Snow Days

by Ali Postle

14 February 2007

This winter has been a cold one, but it has been exciting! For somebody in Junior High like me, snow days are the best days of the year! You guessed it! NO SCHOOL!!!

If you are a parent when you hear "No School," you think "Oh great, another day stuck home with them!"

But for kids in Junior High, it is the best day ever! No teachers, No homework, No WORRIES!!!

When we have a snow day one of the top things on my list to do is to go sledding! It is just so exciting to get all bundled up, waddle up that steep hill and go right back down! This year has been a great year for sledding! After those huge snow storms, just looking at the snow gets me excited!

Even though most of the time it is freezing outside, my cousins and I still enjoy the sledding!

For Christmas this year, my grandmother bought my cousins and I a sled that can hold 4 people!

My cousins and I love to cram into the sled and see who can fall off first! Just watching the facial expressions of people while sledding is one of the enjoyable parts!

When you watch that person fall off the sled for the first time, it is so hard not to fall over and start laughing by the look on their face!

After sledding, the next best part is to go inside the warm house and smell the chocolate cocoa Grandma is making! But before you can taste the yummy chocolate you have to take off all your wet and cold clothes! Of course, you put on your comfy sweats or lounge clothes, grab a pillow and drink your cocoa by the cozy fireplace if you are lucky enough.

After that, you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want!

So next time you don't have school because of snow, make sure you go outside and do some good sledding!