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Letter to the Editor

You Can Help-Send A Letter To A Soldier

Dear Editor,

Nothing in the barren landscape reminds them of home. A wind rolls across the flat expanse blowing sand into their eyes.

The heat is unbear-able ,especially in a combat uniform. Every seemingly ordinary thing might be a bomb or maybe that approaching woman or the small child with her could be carrying one.

Our soldiers face these and many more hardships and dangers each day.

Mail call is a special time-a link to home and love ones, but some soldiers have no letters or packages. You can help!

I contacted LCPL Aaron Lander's mother, Debbie, who told me of these two young men who receive no mail.

Come on, Henderson County, let's do our part and support our troops.

Letters don't have to be long or literary masterpieces; just tell them about your daily life and reassure them that you are thinking of them.

A card, a letter and maybe later a package (flat rate boxes are sent for about $9 and that's for all you can stuff into them).

Here are the addresses:

LCPL Moreno, Andrew M.
Unit 41595
FPO AO 96426-1595


LCPL Pulliam, Cody W.
3/7 I Co
Unit 41580
FPO AO 96426-1580

If you address a letter to "Any Soldier, " then anyone not receiving a letter will be handed yours so here is how you do that:

Any Soldier or Any Soldier


UNIT 41575 UNIT 41575

FPO AO 96429-1595 FPO AO 96426-1595

Don't expect a reply right away; it's hard to write when they are on the go most of the time, but be assured that "they don't take anything for granted and being remembered is all that matters."

Let's make a difference in someone's life today. Write a few lines, send a card, how about a picture? It may save their life. Sincerely, Virginia Ross Stronghurst