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Illini West Board Sets Salaries

-Sept. 13 Board Meeting

The Illini West School Board and the Illini West Teachers' Association settled on a three year contract.

Salaries start at $28,000 for a new hire with the highest paid teacher making $49,050. The board will pay $470 towards health insurance each month with a 5% increase each year of the contract and pay 10.3753% towards the teachers' retirement system.

All parties involved seemed pleased with the completed contract.

After hearing a request from the Illini West student council the board agreed to allow non-Illini West students to attend the September 29th homecoming dance.

According to guidance counselor, Ann Logan, Illini West students seem to be off to a positive beginning.

Mrs. Logan has been having focus group sessions with students from the three previous school districts to see if they have recommendations for improving Illini West.

Student life seems to be overwhelmingly positive at this point. Beginning in October, students will meet in small groups each Wednesday to participate in a variety of activities that encourage learning about each other and building school unity.

Principal, Ray Driskell, also said that each teacher would have a web page up soon informing parents about upcoming assignments and expectations.

The Illini West district will begin advertising for a part time clerical aide in an attempt to alleviate the overtime hours being logged by the current secretarial staff.

Some of the Illini West FFA members will be traveling to Indianapolis to the National FFA convention.

Finally, Mr. Mauzy is investigating how we can provide a nutritious breakfast for students to eat on the bus shuttles that come from Dallas City and LaHarpe each morning.

Anyone who knows a teenager knows that eating in a vehicle is always an enticing treat.

The next Illini West board meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 10th, at 7:00 p.m.

Jennifer Edholm

IWHS 307 Board Secretary