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A Successful County Relay

Generosity, sincerity, and passion for the cause paid off for Henderson County Relay For Life 2007 supporters. Charlotte Shafer, Relay For Life chair said $40,186.94 has been turned in, surpassing around $37,000 that was brought in at Relay 2006.

The Relay For Life of Henderson County Committee can not say enough about those who participated in this year's Relay.

"Final totals are still coming in. We stand at $40,186.94 and owe it all to you! We once again went over the total for last year," Shafer said.

"This could not be done without the dedicated work of the teams, committee and all the people who participate and come out to the Relay every year."

Shafer continued to praise the sponsors of the Relay. "Without your help we wouldn't be able to raise what we did. I encourage everyone who has been touched with cancer in any way to get involved with this very special event," she said.

Shafer and the committee were thrilled with the honorary survivors, Darla Thompson and Sadie Lenz and for Sadie's mom Amanda and Darla being honorary speakers this year and bringing their stories to the public.

"I know it is an emotional thing to do, but it encourages others who are struggling with cancer personally or in their familiy to hear how others cope," one committee member said.

Shafer agreed. "Relay gives us all the chance to share together our stories of hope and to share our stories of those whom we have lost to this terrible disease. We honor our caregivers and survivors and remember those lost.

"Together we will find a cure and we will continue to Fight Back!

"God Bless each who helped in any way during the Relay!" Shafer said, 2007 Event Chair. Shafer is also an Illinois Task Member for the American Cancer Society. She reminds those taking treatments that a gas card is available to Henderson County residents in therapy. Call Linda Andrews at Rock Island ACS office for details at 800-322-4337.