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Letter to Editor

Join Letter Writing Campaign For A Safe Highway 34

Dear Editor:

Oaklane Nursing and Rehab Administrator and West Central school board member, Richard W. Clifton, working with Superintendent Ralph Grimm and High School Principal, Phil Geiser, and the students of West Central are beginning a massive letter writing campaign to support the efforts of the Highway 34 Coalition.

The high school civics classes will be contacting family, friends, and relatives to sign personal letters in support of the proper funding to complete the 22 miles of Highway 34 that is not 4-lane.

The students feel that the safety of the younger kids and themselves are really in jeopardy with the current situation when entering and exiting from the north campus.

Another accident occurred last week involving one of the local students. Thankfully, no fatalities were involved this time.

These letters will be compiled by the students and will be presented in person to our legislators in Springfield.

Oaklane Nursing and Rehab and Administrator Richard W. Clifton, will provide transportation to Springfield so that the student leaders of West Central may present the letters, in person, to both the legislative and executive branch of state government.

We are asking for all persons in support of the Highway 34 Coalition project to pledge so much money per letter delivered to the state officials in Springfield.

To start the campaign off with a bang, Oaklane Nursing and Rehab has pledged $1 dollar per letter for the first 500 letters. West Central board member, Doug Sams, has received a flat pledge of $200 from Carl A. Nelson Construction of Burlington, Iowa. Either type of pledge will be totally acceptable.

All monies raised from this letter writing campaign will be used to support the new marquee project at the north campus. Mr. Geiser has promised the first message posted on the new marquee will be in support of the Highway 34 Coalition project.

How many lives need to be altered by grief stricken families, or lost before Springfield corrects this deplorable situation at the entrance of our school. It has been long enough, our school children's lives are not worth the gamble of waiting.

To support the young students in their fight for safer roads, we are asking for a pledge, either a flat sum, or so much per letter. If you can see your way to supporting this cause and at the same time show support for our politically active student body of West Central High School, please call Richard W. Clifton at 309-924-1123 or Phil Geiser at 309-627-2377.

With your help and support, and the collective efforts of our high school students. let's get-er-done.

Richard W. Clifton, Oaklane Nursing and Rehab