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Moment In History

RARITAN BAPTIST CHURCH: In 1858 under the guidance of Henry Johnson of the Baptist Church of Roseville as moderator and J. Voorhees as clerk, a group signed a declaration of faith and covenants published by the American Baptist Publication Society.

Those signing were as follows: Harry Burrell, Elvira Burrell, L.W.Otis, Clarissa Otis, William Perrine, Aletta Perrine, C.V.D Spader, Jane Spader, J. Voorhees, Sarah Voorhees, Elizabeth Hill and Amanda Hill.

They were officially recognized as the Baptist Church of Raritan in 1859. In January 1863 a building committee was appointed to build a house 32 x 44 feet with 16 feet posts and it was completed in the fall of 1864. The next year it was furnished and formally dedicated in 1866.

1911 History of Henderson County