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Stronghurst Presbyterians Give Generous Gift For Local Missions

Stronghurst: Sarah Bigger, Chairman of the Board of Small World Preschool and Day Care Center along with board member Stephanie Carnes, and Day Care teacher Sherry Gullberg were given a check in the amount of $16,000 during Sunday services at the Presbyterian Church of Stronghurst.

In the presentation by Don Fry, Chairman of the Board of Elders, he explained that the congregation had voted to use money from the sale of the church manse for support of local mission with a portion to be disbursed this year to Small World Preschool and Day Care Center, and another portion to the Media congregation, their sister church.

"Small World Day Care, is a local business that deals with care and early childhood development of small children and that is what the church would like to support," Fry said in an interview Tuesday.

Fry said in visiting with Sarah Bigger over a week ago to see what their needs and desires were, high on their list was paying down on their twenty-some thousand dollar loan debt. Other concerns were the need for replacement windows, a partial roof repair and some wish-list items as money allows.

The $16,000 check came as an exciting and pleasant surprise and will be a big help in reducing their debt.

Amanda Jack has led the way in bringing Small World to its full capacity and now, a waiting list.

"She has done amazing things at Small World and deserves the credit," the three ladies agreed.

Fry also made a presentation of $8,000 to the Media congregation during World Wide Communion Sunday to Elders Cindy Link, Debbie Gillam, and JoEllen Roark.

The congregation voted to put the manse up for sale for they no longer had a need for it.

A Motion was approved by the (Stronghurst) Presbyterian congregation that stipulated that the proceeds from the sale of the manse be used for local mission with an immediate gift to the Media Congregation and to the Small World Day Care and Pre-School.

The remaining money would be invested and the dividends used to make other annual contributions to local needs which is to be decided by the congregation each year.

The Media United Presbyterian Church Board of Elders and the Small World Board expressed their appreciation for the generous gifts of the Presbyterian Church members.

The generous gift would lower Small World's debt significantly thereby freeing up money to provide better services if they didn't have to put it toward debt payment.

Fry said, the Media congregation, likewise, have been good stewards and partners in our yoked church agreement.

"They have shared the manse responsibilities, helped clean, remodel, plus made monthly contribution toward upkeep of the structure. Their generous spirit and good and faithful service in the work God calls them to do has not gone unnoticed by the Stronghurst congregation.

"We have very much appreciated Media's support through the years," Fry said.

From left Pastor Pam Moore, Cindy Link (Media Presbyterian Church Elder), Don Fry (Elder and Chair - Stronghurst Presbyterian Church), Small World : Sarah Bigger-Board Chair, Sherry Gullberg, teacher, Stephanie Carnes, board member.