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La Harpe School Board Meeting

The La Harpe School Board held a regular meeting Tuesday night, October 16th, in the school district library.

La Harpe School Board members in attendance were: Cindy Wear, Rex Huston, Ricky Johnson, Dan Horton, Pam Campbell, Deanna Stambaugh, and Mark Irish. Also present were Jo Campbell, Lila McKeown, Kelly Carpenter and Pat Deitrich.

The board approved a request from Cathy Burford to use the 12 week family leave act due to health issues, voted to defer the loan repayment from Illini West to February 2008, voted to delete charges for Illini West High School students riding regular morning and afternoon La Harpe CSD bus routes, approved a request by Janet McKee to use the elementary gym on November 22nd, and approved the employment of Clyde Collins as a substitute cook.

Principal Lila McKeown reported that the 5-8 girls basketball teams have been playing hard this season and the 7/8 boys basketball team started practice on October 15th.

Student council elections will be held Friday, October 15th. We have had two fire drills this year. On September 21st, we practiced with our new staff members and on October 12th, the fire department came to school and we practiced with them.

They also brought the Smokehouse with them and gave demonstrations to the elementary students.

They passed out coloring books, fire hats, and footballs. They were informed of the "red" and "green" cards that the teachers use to show if they have all of their students present or not.

The Pre-K had their first family night on September 25th. Mrs. Lynne Ward is the parent coordinator.

The families made "Apple trees' which are on display outside the Pre-K classroom.

The 5th grade attended the WIEC Safety Fair in Carthage on September 28th.