The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letter to Editor

God Works In Mysterious Ways

My dictionary states that mystery is the object of awe, anything that is discernible by human faith, not reason.

It was with awe (after the death of our spouses), that I observed God as a perfect matchmaker for Weyman "Wink" George and I.

We had graduated together from high school and college, but never dated. In May 2003, we re-met at our 50th High School reunion. In November, we would have been married four years.

This summer, Sarcoma (a rare and aggressive cancer) invaded Wink's body, but not his spirit. Sick and weakened in body, he did not complain, but continued to think of other's needs and to occasionally share his typical humor.

Wink's family and I are very thankful for all who reached out to us. We remember the presence and kindness of friends, neighbors, and family that included my nephew, Greg Prather and his wife, Donnis, who came from Missouri to assist and encourage us.

Dr. Reem and nurses at McDonough District Hospital were professionals with great compassion. Dan Colvin, elder at First Presbyterian Church officiated at the service, and helped us focus on Wink's Savior and on Wink's Celebration of Life.

John Jones and the Chancel Choir lifted our spirits in song. Ladies at the church served a delicious lunch.

At best, life is brief. Hugs and laughter were an integral part of Winks and my life. Give your loved ones a hug today.

Wink was an avid sports fan and often cheered his favorite team with "Go Rams." Now on a deeper level, he might say to us, "Go WIN the Kingdom!"

In our attitude toward God or our fellow man, we would be wise to not wait for tomorrow to live today.

Shirley George