The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Moment In History

RARITAN REFORM CHURCH: (continued) The first year the congregation met in private homes and then moved to a blacksmith shop by the home of John Livermore.

When the school house was enclosed, the congregation held regular services there, but afternoon lectures were still held at convenient locations throughout the settlement.

In Oct. 1856 the Rev. C. D. Eltinge was called and the cornerstone of the present church was laid in 1857, the same day as his installation.

Mr. Eltinge went east and raised $1,000 in funds from members there and by a loan of $1,000 from his own means one half of the funds were available.

Less than half came from people in the new settlement. The lumber for the edifice was brought over Lake Michigan in a vessel belonging to the pastor's father.

1911 History of Henderson County