The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbors

by Betty Jo McConnell, The Quill


Meet Your Neighbor Baxter and Aileen Brandon, the oldest couple living in Fountain Green.

Baxter Brandon is 83 and was born at home on July 2, 1924 and Aileen Cooper Brandon will be 86 born on November 28, 1921. Baxter has lived in Fountain Green since September 5, 1976.

Baxter and Aileen were married on August 12, 1987.

Baxter graduated from Fountain Green High School and Aileen graduated from Bath Lynchburg High School in 1939.

After high school Baxter was in the Army from 1943 to 1947. His tour of duty included the United States, Austria, and Germany.

Baxter and Aileen have 3 children, Donna Fowler from Hannibal, MO, Delbert Lankford, Vermont, and Ronald Lankford, Smithshire. They also have five grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and eleven step-grandchildren, and Aileen has 4 step-children.

Baxter worked at King Sealy in Macomb from 1951 until his retirement in May of 1984. Aileen worked for 26 1/2 years at F. W. Woolworth and for 6 years at TGY in Macomb before her retirement.

Baxter keeps busy attending to his bee hives. He started his bee keeping after his Uncle "Doc" Greenig from La Harpe was not able to care for them.

In the beginning he only had one or two hives and then it grew to 20, but now he is back to only one hive. The bees can produce up to 50 pounds of honey.

Baxter and Aileen enjoy their hobbies of the bees, fishing and gardening. Aileen likes to cook and crochet. They enjoy sitting on their front porch visiting and looking at their flower garden.