The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

Dear Editor,


As the beautiful red, yellow and green leaves flutter to the ground here in beautiful Macomb, IL, I realize it is the end of a season and the beginning of another.

It was the end of one season for my brother, Weyman George last week and we laid him down for his final rest today, October 3, 2007.

It was really the beginning of his most anticipated season to spend eternity with his heavenly Father.

Many lives have been touched by "Wink" through his weekly "Letters to the Editor".

These letters gave many a glimpse into his values, politics, religion, and sports.

He was an outstanding athlete through high school, college, and throughout life, participating in and coaching football, basketball, and track.

My brother "Wink" was just one year older and I can say he was the most humble man I have ever known. He was the my greatest "cheerleader" in life always promoting what I did and others more than himself. He truly lived his values and I can not say this for a lot of people.

We will miss "Wink's" sense of humor as much as anything, I certainly hope the Rams improve their record, "Wink" gave them plenty of strategic and recruiting advice. Go Rams!

So, it is time to say goodbye, to my brother, my best friend, but it is with hope in our hearts to meet again.

We truly appreciate all for your prayers, love, care, and concern for the George Family.

Jean (George) Wheatley

Casper, Wyoming

Dear Editor.

Congratulations to the high school students of West Central for getting the recent coverage on the expansion of US 34.

Their hard work and tenacity got the lead story on Channel 8 on Friday evening and front page coverage on The Hawkeye on Saturday.

The students interviewed on television were very articulate and should make all of us proud, not only for what they said and how they said it, but that they are taking the time and effort to jump on this issue and get it the coverage it needs if change is going to take place.

Let's face it, the widening of 34 effects all of us and we should all be joining forces in every way possible to make it happen.

Ron Bowlyow

Oakwood Estates