The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Illini West High School District 307 School Board

November 15, 2007

Illini West will provide a supervised classroom for students waiting for late ball practices so that they do not have to travel back to Dallas City or La Harpe and then return a couple of hours later. Students may study, visit or read, but will not be allowed to wander the halls.

Approximately 10% of parents made contact during the first Illini West Parent/Teacher conferences. Those that attended seemed to be positive for the most part.

Illini West administration and faculty are researching some possible curriculum changes for next year including a new college review math course, and investigating moving the WACS graphic arts and/or CAD to Hancock County. Welding II may possibly be taught as a dual credit course.

Four surveillance camera units will be installed in an attempt to increase student safety and deter theft and vandalism. Tim Lafferty was hired as an assistant boys' basketball coach. Approval was given to file an application for School Construction Grant Entitlement with the State. This does not commit the district to a construction project but will allow Illini West to be placed on the list for eligible school construction funds. The TIF Agreement with the City of Carthage was approved and seemed fair and equitable to both sides. Approval was given to the American Legion to present colors at the graduation ceremony. Legions from all District communities will be invited to participate. The purchase of a new floor burnisher, vacuum and an auto scrubber were approved. Other topics of discussion included the 2007 tax levy hearing and accessibility of PowerSchool.

The next regular board meeting will be December 12th.