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Doe In Search Of Big Bucks

-by Holly Willdrick, Quill Staff

Unique Break-In At The Bank

It seems a wild deer was in search of big bucks, for around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, November 11th, a doe jumped through a back window of the First State Bank of Western Illinois.

Story is that the doe was followed into town by a few hunters that had seen her earlier out in the timber.

Church goers saw the doe jump through the window and reported it to on duty police officer, Larry Finch. Larry and First State Bank maintenance employee, John Link, went into the bank to find that the deer had made its way up to the front lobby.

Before getting to the lobby she had visited many offices and jumped through a window in a door knocking the glass out but not breaking it. They were able to corral the deer and force her to run out the front of the bank.

The bank carpet and furniture did sustain blood stains but the only other damage was to a keyboard in the new accounts office.

The doe sustained injuries and was put down by local hunters, Kale Burgdorf, John Dowell and Mark and Mike Morgen.

Luckily Monday was a holiday and the bank was already going to be closed so clean up was begun and they were able to open back up on Tuesday with regular hours.

The estimated damage was not available at this time but Jones Insurance has already started a claim and helped get clean up under way.