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Final Home Game for West Central 8th Grade Girls

The 8th grade girls basketball team coached by Lisa Schaley and assisted by Mike Swisher, had their last home game on Monday, Nov. 5, 2007. Pictured are the girls with their parents at a reception held after the game.

From left to right Jennifer Livermore, Gretchen Higgins, Allison Lafary, Casey Hill, Morgan Edwards, Ali Postle, Kelsie Torrance, Sarah Nelson, Taylor Meldrum. (Not pictured is Brook Teames)

Back row is Melissa and John Livermore, Susan Higgins, Kathy and John Lafary, Chris Hill, Stacie Edwards, Tami Postle, Angie Torrance, Cindy and David Nelson and Toni and Ray Meldrum. Absent was Brooke Teames.