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Moment In History

Knights of the Golden Circle (a continuation-The Civil War was particularly bitter in that sometimes in meant brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, or father against son.)

The citizens of Oquawka, including the soldiers who were at home, were greatly excited over the Knights of the Golden Circle rally and gave such voluble expression of their sentiments, principles, and strong evidence of being willing, if necessary, to meet them in mortal combat that the invading army, together with their leader, concluded that discretion was the better part of valor and mounted their horses, rode out to the farm house where they had left their weapons, secured them and silently stole away through the rain.

No doubt, if the disloyal company had brought their weapons to town, a bloody battle would have been fought of the streets of Oquawka as the sentiment was predominantly loyal and the citizens would have given the traitors something to remember.

1911 History of Henderson County