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Village of Biggsville May Meeting

The Village of Biggsville board met in regular session May 2, 2007 with President Dale Allenbaugh presiding and the following present:

Trustees-Brian Cochran, Marilyn Evans, Gloria Minard, Bob Onion, and Brian Sterett. Treasurer-Gloria Jones. Clerk-Frank Jones. Visitors-Jamie Allenbaugh, and Dan Gibb.

President Dale Allenbaugh opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. by leading the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Clerk Frank Jones read the April 17, 2007 election results: President (2 year term), Dale Allenbaugh-61 votes, Trustee (4 year term), Robert E. Onion-66 votes and Gloria Minard-53 votes, Trustee (2 year term), Richard Brian Sterett-67 votes and Brian Cochran-61 votes.

Installation of officers was performed. Clerk Frank Jones swore in Dale Allenbaugh as President and President Dale Allenbaugh swore in Trustees Robert Onion, Gloria Minard, Richard Brian Sterett, and Brian Cochran.

President Dale Allenbaugh remarked the village is one trustee short and if anyone is interested, please contact one of the village officials.

Several members mentioned that paint balls were shot in several places in the village.

Dale Allenbaugh went over the happening for the month. 1) Two more easements were signed for the water project. 2) The equipment for the water project is being stored at Susie Goff's and David Hills.

Minutes of the regular meeting were read by Clerk Frank Jones. Marilyn Evans moved the minutes stand approved as read and seconded by Brian Sterett. Roll was called and all present voted yes.

Treasurer Gloria Jones presented the treasurer's report. Gloria Minard moved the treasurer's report be approved as presented and seconded by Brian Sterett. Roll was called and all present voted yes.

Bills were read by Clerk Frank Jones. Marilyn Evans moved the bills be paid as read and seconded by Gloria Minard that orders be drawn on the treasurer for the same. Roll was called and all present voted yes.

The board reviewed the delinquent water/sewer bills.


Maintenance-Dale Allenbaugh assigned Brian Cochran to oversee the village maintenance. Dale will work with Brian.

Parks and Recreation-Dale Allenbaugh-Work is being done on the S. C. Lindo sign for the ball park. Marilyn Evans moved the village allow up to $300.00 be allocated for this sign. Roll was called and all present voted yes.

Parks and Recreation-Dan Gibb- 1) The wiring has been fixed at the ball park. 2) Work continues on the Veteran's Garden. 3) The committee discussed what the village can do for the "More On 34' garage sale on June 16 and 17. Biggsville is listed on the brochure as either the beginning or the end. The Parks Committee needs volunteers for this. 4) The committee discussed Flea Market Fees. 5) The Heritage Day Parade will take place. Sheri Pulse will chair this event. 6) Discussed the August Village Picnic.

Lights-Bob Onion reported that the placement of street lights is fine.

Sewer and Lagoon-Dale Allenbaugh reported the alarm was going off at the lagoon due to the low voltage in the area. Allenbaugh was concerned that no warning was issued by the power company when they knew it was going to happen.

Public Relations-Gloria Minard reported that Trash Bash will be on Saturday, June 2, 2007.

Water-Dale Allenbaugh said the water customers on John Street are having brown water.

Other standing committees of the village board had no specific reports.

Old Business-

Janet Monville has decided to continue to straighten the recycle bin.

New Business-

Clerk Jones asked if any board members have any projects to include in the budget. One possible project is the cleaning of the water tower prior to the start of using Dallas Rural Water.

Gloria Minard moved the meeting be adjourned at 8:45 p.m., seconded by Marilyn Evans. Roll was called and all present voted yes.

The next regular meeting will be on Wednesday, June 6, 2007, at 7:00 p.m. at the Biggsville Community Building.

Frank H. Jones, Clerk