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The New Illini West School District #307 To Celebrate July 1st

Mark your calendars friends and neighbors. On the evening of July 1 members of the Illini West community will be celebrating the birth of our wonderful new district.

Festivities will be held at the Illini West High School Campus parking lot from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. with food, family games, and music.

Any organization wanting to participate can contact committee chairwoman, Angie Ard at 217-357-3866.

Another reason to celebrate is the successful building lease agreement between Illini West and Carthage Elementary District. Illini West will have approximately 65% of the students in the building that is shared with Carthage Primary so they will be paying 65% of utilities, grounds maintenance, and janitorial supplies.

The two districts have worked out a fair compromise on ways to share costs for insurance, athletics, phones, and even a school cafeteria plan. Dr. Ford called the lease a living document that will be revisited on an annual basis to ensure fairness is continued.

The board has also reached an agreement with Jim's Mobile's for three portable classroom units that can house up to two classrooms per unit. The units will be placed in the back of the high school and will be accessed through the west cafeteria doors.

The board voted to hire Betsy Wyjek, the Carthage Primary and Middle School Principal, to act as special education director on a part time basis for Illini West.

Mr. Mike Mauzy, new Illini West superintendent, made a request that an Illini West team of teachers and administrators attend the High School Challenge Conference that focuses on changing the way we teach to meet the needs of our ever changing students.

Dr. Ford, explained the lease agreement and the T.I.F. agreement with the City of Carthage to those present in the audience. Dr. Ford gave a great deal of credit for arriving at a successful T.I.F. agreement to Carthage mayor, James Nightengale, and community developer, Brenda Pyatt.

The board accepted the recommendation of the insurance committee to contract with Crossroads/ Mutual Medical Plans through December, 2008 to provide insurance.

Tyler Sharpe, designer of the school's logo, was recognized and given one of the first Charger sweatshirts emblazoned with his design.