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Old Gladstone Board Hires Seitz In Last Official Hiring;

3 New Trustees Are Sworn In

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher

In one of the last official acts of the outgoing Gladstone Village Board Monday night, Earl Seitz was hired to mow grass on the village property.

In a motion by Jr. Bielser, and seconded by Linda Seitz, daughter-in-law of Earl, all six trustees voted to accept the lowest bid of three with Seitz bidding $86 per time over Matt Gray's $130 per time and Jeff Miller's $110 per time.

Gray had been mowing the yard at the $130 price for the last several years and was reported as not having any complaints, but the board voted to take the lowest bid after Jr. Bielser commented "You have to take the lowest bid. It's taxpayers money."

Also voting besides Bielser and Seitz was Flo Stewart (Earl Seitz's sister), Robert Swanson, Darlene Manes, and Mayor Pro Tem Jim Hetrick. Mayor Rex McKinney was absent.

In other old business, the board due to complaints of speeding on Walnut Street going out of town, agreed to move the sign to the top of the hill by the water tank where it could be seen easier.

Also there were complaints on weeds in town on personal property and the board members agreed to report at the next meeting who all has weeds.

Trustee Robert Swanson brought up what he said is an illegal issue involving the Mayor breaking a tie vote that involved the mayor's household in receiving village money.

In an earlier decision, Mayor Rex McKinney broke a tie vote that involved his girlfriend Jackie Allen getting a job to clean the recycling bins which resulted in money going to his household where Jackie also lives.

Swanson said, the job to clean the bins should be given to Matt Gray since he was the only other bidder.

Swanson said he had been told by three different attorneys that the Mayor cannot receive any village money in his household and that breaking the tie was a conflict of interest.

The board agreed to table the issue until next month when Rex McKinney is expected to be present.

After the old business was completed, the new board was sworn in by Mayor Pro Tem Jim Hetrick-incumbent Darlene Manes, new members Byron Sebastian, and Mike Hopkins.

The new board voted and discussed several issues.

Their first official act was to continue to use PDC Laboratories in Peoria for their regular water testing. Jenna Link, licensed water official, was present to explain the choices of where testing could be done. A CCR (consumer confidence report) was approved, presented by Link.

A fluoride level report was approved to be sent to all water customers of Gladstone Public Water Supply, notifying them of an elevated level of fluoride. The notices, which is required by law to be sent, will be sent by separate mailing and not with water bills.

The report says, "children under 9 should be provided with an alternative source of drinking water or water that has been treated to remove the fluoride to avoid the possibility of staining and pitting of their permanent teeth.

Water customers might also want to contact their dentist about proper use of fluoride-containing products for young children. Other children and adults may safely drink the water. Jenna Link is to answer questions water customers have.

The board elected Darlene Manes to sign checks in the mayor's absence replacing former board member Florence Stewart.

On the agenda under new business was "Ordinance Violation-Bielser."

Gladstone Village Clerk Joyce Hetrick explained that she had received a letter from Gladstone Village Attorney Mike Neff which included a detailed incident report from Henderson County Sheriff Mark Lumbeck about an incident that occurred in the village involving Brandon Bielser.

The village decided to contact Mike Neff to send a letter to Bielser and warn him that he is not to do any more yard burning which is in violation of the Gladstone Village Ordinance.

According to the sheriff's report, his office had been notified on April 19th of a yard that was on fire at the Brandon Bielser residence. The Gladstone Fire Dept. put out the fire and requested that a City Ordinance violation citation be issued saying he was burning material not considered yard waste. It was observed that Bielser had a pile of burnt copper wire.

A motion by Swanson, seconded by Hopkins was approved to pay extra expenses for paper and postage of Mary Bielser, who does the water billing.

It was approved to have the record books picked up by the auditors Cavanaugh, Blackman, Davies, and Cramblett in Monmouth.

The water budget was approved.

Joyce Hetrick was appointed contact person for Heritage Trails and Darlene Manes volunteered to help her if needed.

Marty Lafary again addressed the board about his side-walk and said he would be getting bids for cement work to turn into the village. He will be doing the labor.

Minutes and bills were approved. Guests present were Connie Flake, Doris Sebastian, Marty Lafary, Jenna Link, Tom Morrison, Matt Gray, Don Olson, Margaret Johnson, Randy Goble, Jeremy DeWitt, and Gary Binder.

The next meeting will be Monday, June 11, at 7 p.m. at the Gladstone Community Building. The public is welcome.