The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letter to Editor

Dear Editor:

On Friday, May 4, 2007, a 35 year old Moulton, Iowa, woman was tragically killed in an automobile accident on Route 34, approximately 2 miles west of Biggsville and in front of West Central High School.

How many more people must lose their life before something is done to improve Route 34 to 4 lanes from Monmouth to Burlington?

I write today as the Superintendent of the West Central School District.

I want to encourage everyone in Henderson County to take time to write our Federal legislators;

Senator Dick Durbin, Senator Barack Obama, and Congressman Phil Hare and our state legislators;

Senator John Sullivan and Representative Rich Myer as well as Governor Blagojevich to work harder to secure federal funds and to dedicate state matching funds to make this stretch of vital highway four lanes.

I also, want to encourage all residents of Henderson County, IL and Des Moines County, IA to support the efforts of the Highway 34 Coalition group.

This group of dedicated citizens is working hard on our behalf to make this highway safer for everyone.

Together everyone can make a difference in how quickly funding is approved for the necessary studies and ultimate construction of the four lane highway.

I also want to say publicly how fortunate we are in Henderson County to have the services of so many outstanding volunteer emergency responders as well as the members of the Henderson County Sheriffs Office.

As I watched them operate at the accident scene on Friday, I was impressed with their professionalism, compassion and preparedness for dealing with such a serious accident.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that we have approximately 900 students and staff members entering and exiting our north campus each day during the school year.

Seventeen school busses carrying our students enter and leave the north campus each day.

Approximately 100 adults who work on our north campus enter and leave that facility each day.

To me this means we have 900 good reasons to put the pressure on our federal and state legislators and our governor to find the funds necessary to get this project on the move.

Please take time to get involved in the Route 34 expansion to four lanes. There are 900 good reasons to do so.


Ralph Grimm,
Superintendent, West Central Community
Unit School District #235