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Gladstone Village Hires Mowing Done Until May Bidding Is In

At the April Gladstone Village board meeting, a motion made by Jim Hetrick and seconded by Linda Seitz resulted in the board hiring Matt Gray to do the mowing through May for Gladstone. Bids will then be taken in May.

The clerk was ordered to publish a notice for bids for mowing to be due by 7:00 p.m., May 14.

Junior Bielser inquired about who had sponsored the recent Candidate Night Forum held at the community building and requested payment for the rental of the building. He was informed by Clerk Joyce Hetrick that it was "Concerned Citizens", and Robert Swanson stated that the use of the building was for community service and therefore no rent is required.

A vote was taken and passed to pay all bills as presented to the Clerk which totaled $924.16.

Gladstone's Village Board meeting is the second Monday of the month each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Building. All board members answered roll call: Jim Hetrick, William "Junior" Bielser, Robert Swanson, Darlene Manes, Linda Seitz, and Florence Stewart, as well as Mayor Rex McKinney, Clerk Joyce Hetrick, Tom Morrison- Water Supt., Don Olson, Matt Gray, and Randy Goble.

At the May 14 meeting, new village officers Mike Hopkins, Byron Sebastian, and Darlene Manes will be sworn in as trustees. The public is invited to attend this as well as all public meetings.