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Moment In History

Abraham Lincoln was known for his quick wit as evidenced by an occurrence when he was a guest of S. S. Phelps.

Mr. Phelps resembled Lincoln very much.

After dinner as they were talking at the home of Mr. Phelps, Lincoln took from his pocket a very dilapidated looking pocket knife.

Mr. Phelps said to him, "Abe, it seems to me that is rather a poor pocket knife that you have."

Lincoln replies, "Sumner, it is.

That knife was given to me and there was a rather peculiar condition attached to the gift." "What is it? said Mr. Phelps.

Lincoln replied, "That knife was given to me on the condition that if I ever met a homelier man than myself, I was to give him the knife; fulfilling that condition, I now present the same to you.

Mr. Phelps, however, did not accept the gift.

1911 History of Henderson County