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Unrest At Gladstone Village Board

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher

Mayor Rex McKinney conducted the Gladstone Village Board's March meeting as a zoning issue was discussed at length Monday night.

Florence Seaman who lives at the south entrance of Gladstone along Il. 164, came to make a request to put a newer trailer on her lot while keeping her old one to rent out for income.

Zoning board officer Margaret Johnson was present and said she had declined to make a decision due to the fact Seaman was talking about the block being approved as two.

McKinney asked if anyone knew if it was a block or a subdivision and said he thought the whole subdivision is laid out as a block. He said, "Every house on the block is a mobile home. Is it going to bother anyone else to have another one?"

"There is more mobile homes out there than the ordinance says," Don Olson, guest and past Mayor of the board said. "We got laws, let's start abiding by them."

"Actually, there are 7 or 8 (trailers) down there," a trustee said.

"You got laws. Let's start abiding by the laws," Olson said again.

Marty Lafary mentioned that variances can be granted and the county does it. "We don't like to play hardball."

Hetrick said, "You can't create your own hardship and get a variance. I know that."

Gladstone Board

Jr. Bielser made a motion to leave it as it is and not make it into two blocks, seconded by Hetrick. All board members were present and voted yes except Swanson.

McKinney turned the issue back over to the zoning board and they are to report the findings at the next meeting.

Discussion continued that they were several trailers past the limit and that the lawyer's recommendation questioned "Why they would want to go against an ordinance when it was put in place to avoid a trailer court. They aren't suppose to have more than 4."

(continued next week)