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Illini West District 307 Busy At February Meeting

The Illini West board of education offered teaching positions to all certified staff from La Harpe and Carthage who elected to be a part of the new high school district.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Harold Ford, also indicated a need for one or possibly two new teachers to fill the remaining positions for the District.

The District is also actively searching for a new bookkeeper. The Illini West board also appropriated funds for entering student data into PowerSchool and the VersaTran software programs as well as employing Diane Pepple to complete the District's technology plan.

The board approved the technology committee's recommendation for the hardware necessary to run the new software programs purchased by the District.

With regards to extra-curricular activities there was discussion and suggestions for revision of the coach's handbook to ensure and promote the safety of students and to clarify procedures for coaches and administrators as they relate to athletics.

The board also encouraged a group of interested parents that will meet to create a proposal on how a sports booster club could be formed to best benefit and unite students and families.

Other updates included the need for portable classrooms, new proposals regarding the T.I.F. district, and the lease agreement negotiations.

The next regular board of education meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on March 14, 2007.