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First Responders Are Needed

Henderson County Ambulance Services are having a First Responder class.

An Illinois certified first responder is a person who has completed forty hours of training in providing care for medical emergencies.

They have more skill than someone who is trained in first aid but are not emergency medical technicians. First Responders will be able to help our local ambulance services when the EMTS are not available.

Also, the First Responders can help the EMT transport a patient to the hospital. Sometimes our ambulance crews can not get full crews to take our Henderson County Citizens to the hospital in the time of medical need.

The first responder training is intended to fill the gap between First Aid and EMT-Basic. The term "first responder" may also be used literally to describe the first trained responder to arrive on scene.

Anyone 18 years or older can take this class. A life you might save may be one of yours.

The First Responder classes will start at the end of July.

Any one interested in please call Oquawka Ambulance Director Troy Jern 319 572-4032 or email: