The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Illini West High School

May 23, 2007 meeting

Driver's Education will be the first class offered by the new Illini West High School.

Any students who are fifteen before July 15th may enroll in this summer session by contacting their school counselor or calling (217) 357-2136 before June 9th.

Laurel Gillespie has been offered the position of head secretary for Illini West High School.

The Illini West administrative offices will be located on the West side of the Carthage square in the former Kelly Company building. Hopefully, all building preparations will be completed in time to hold the next board meeting at this location.

The Illini West board and the Carthage Elementary board are making plans for a joint board meeting to discuss possibly legal action regarding the financial impact of the new T.I.F. district in Carthage.

The new Illini West handbook was approved as well as a proposal for keeping the tradition of season tickets for athletic events.

Dave and Angie Ard shared a picture of the proposed weight room to be built in the future by the sports boosters.

The board enthusiastically wished them the best of luck on this endeavor.

Board members were educated on the benefits of Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math by Charlene Glecker and Linda Pierson, who previously worked with Mr. Mauzy in Griggsville, and have had considerable success promoting student achievement through the use of these programs.

The next Illini West Board meeting was held Monday, June 11, 2007 allowing for the thirty day public inspection of the budget. The location of the meeting was 96 S. Madison on the west side of the Carthage square.