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Stronghurst Village-Wide Garage Sales June 16th

-by Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

Members of the Stronghurst Village Board have set Saturday, June 16, as Village-Wide Garage Sale Day, starting at 8:00 a.m.

Mayor Eric Chockley read a letter he had received from Brodie Haynes, requesting skate boarders be allowed to skate in the park.

Brodie was at the village board meeting with his father, Deputy Steve Haynes, who was giving the sheriff's monthly report to the Board.

Mayor Chockley and board members thanked Brodie for approaching the problem in the correct manner and commended him for writing a very respectable letter.

The mayor said they would continue to talk about the skating situation and that only two or three were causing problems making it hard on the rest of those wanting to skate. The drinking fountain has recently been damaged again as well as the no skate boarding signs.

Under old business, the board discussed the mobile home in the north part of town that is still not in compliance with the village ordinance. It was reported the trustees has received a copy of the letter sent to the home owner and that the owner has been given 30 days in which to bring the mobile home into compliance with the ordinance before legal action is sought.

Lawrence Neff inquired if a zoning permit had been obtained for a garage that has been moved in behind the laundry mat. It was established that no permit has been obtained. Brian Kane, a guest at the meeting, said he had helped Dustin Smith move the building in. He was advised to make sure Dustin received a permit and the building was set in compliance with the rules.

Chris Cook had talked to Sheriff Mark Lumbeck regarding procedure for ordinance clean up violations since there is no village clean up committee now.

Cook was advised that a trustee would need to notify the village attorney to send the property owner a letter, giving them at least 10 days to comply, and then should they fail to comply a ticket could be issued.

Tony Anderson said they had a delinquent water bill in the amount of $199.64 and asked what should be done with it. He was directed to turn it over to the village attorney.

Dru Waterman has been hired as part time summer help.

Anderson also reported the roof material for the sewer plant has been ordered in the amount of $2300.

He also reported that the pedestal for the cannon would be poured the middle of June. A discussion was held regarding the engraved bricks being placed in random order or having a reserved spot for veterans. It was agreed it would be simpler to place them in random order.

Bob Carmean has a collection of books on the history of Stronghurst he would like to donate to the village, but has requested they be kept under lock and key. Mayor Chockley told the board he would purchase an oak bookcase for them to be placed in.

Western Illinois Regional Council notified Mayor Chockley that one house accepted for the renovation grant has been condemned. The board was asked for a variance, (a request to deviate from normal zoning requirements) so a new house, the same size could be built. General consent was given.

The sheriff's monthly report included: an arrest for speeding, two arrests for suspended, revoked drivers, and two arrests for disorderly conducts.

Present: Mayor Eric Chockley; Trustees-Lawrence Neff, Angela Myers and Chris Cook (absent: David Vancil, Tony Griepentrog and Cory Fox); Clerk Lori Russell; Treasurer Lou Ann Nortrup; Village employee, Tony Anderson; Deputy Steve Haynes and guest Brian Kane.

The next board meeting will be held on Monday, July 2, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. at the Stronghurst Village Hall.

The public is welcome to attend all open sessions of the village meetings.