The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

The People of Henderson County Are Under Siege

Dear Editor,

The people of Henderson County are under siege. We need to wake up and start writing our state representatives, senators, and governor.

There are 11 proposed hog confinements coming to our clean, quiet, communities. That's on top of the ones that are already here, with more to come.

In a county where most of us have sand points, that means we can't drink from our sand points. Get ready to start carrying and paying for water.

Gladstone's well will also be affected as one of the hog confinements is less than one mile away from it.

Your taxes are going to go down alright, but you'll have to go from heating your home right into air conditioning your home, because you won't be able to open your windows. Your saved tax dollars will have to go to air conditioning.

The schools won't have the money needed to educate our kids. Then what? More consolidation, more cuts? No more sports, because that's always the first to go.

Those land farmers who are selling or leasing their ground for these hog confinements should be ashamed of themselves. Obviously they don't care about the communities which have supported them for so long. Shame on you.

Like all of you, I work hard to pay for my home and its up keep. I try to keep home and yard beautiful, because I enjoy it, but what's the use when I will no longer be able to go outside and enjoy it because of the smell. We all need to pitch in.

Theresa Koopmans

Want Pet Owners To Be Responsible

Dear Editor,

We are having to deal with at least 15 cats and kittens, because our neighbors didn't spay their one cat.

People have even dumped puppies at our house.

Please be responsible pet owners. Spay or neuter your cats and dogs.

Jane Miller

Rural Route - Stronghurst