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3rd Annual Historical Society Cemetery Walk

On Sunday June 3rd, a few of La Harpe's most colorful people came to life during the La Harpe Historical Society's Annual Cemetery Walk. A mix of sun and rain added to the day with about 50 people participating.

Those doing presentations were: Dianne Balmer as Dell Huston Sharpe Callahan. She was left a young widow under unusual circumstances. As a mother of young children, she endured several difficult times. Jack Sharpe, a former Mayor, is a son.

Jenni and Eric Little portrayed John and Linda Bullock. John was born in Canada, but lived in the Ft. Green area most of his life. He was in the Civil War and a successful farmer. The Little's now reside on the Bullock farm. The original house no longer exists.

Kenneth Nudd was David Gochenour of the Gochenour family. This pioneer family helped build La Harpe with their business engagements and their financial aid to education. The family also gave land for the school and cemetery.

Ray Claycomb talked about the Fowler and Claycomb. Several generations of this family helped build La Harpe such as the Tremont Hotel, building local bridges and a tannery. They also filled the offices of mayor and rural mail carrier. Houses built in town include the current Mark Stokie house and Mike Bennett home.

Suzanne Miller and her mother, Gladys Eppley gave a presentation on the Shinn family. Resin K. Shinn has a general store and became the first mayor of incorporated La Harpe in 1859. Gladys portrayed a former family slave who decided to stay with the family when they moved to Illinois.

Wayne and Becky Humphrey were Ira and Laura Kilgore. Ira and Isaac, brothers, engaged in a farm machinery business on Main St. in the early to mid 1900's. The Humphrey's now reside in the Kilgore house.

This program was free to all and was held in the beautiful La Harpe Cemetery. The trials and joys these families endured in the early days of La Harpe were well told by the participants.

Jenni and Eric Little

Kenneth Nudd

Ray Claycomb

Wayne & Becky Humphrey

Gladys Eppley and her daughter Suzanne Miller