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La Harpe School Spotlight

Alumni Gather at La Harpe High School

by Joanna Jones Sholl

The light raindrops on Memorial Day did not keep the crowd away from the alumni gathering at La Harpe High School last Monday, as a group of over 100 alumni gathered for a final farewell to their Alma Mater. La Harpe High School students will be joining with the Dallas City and Carthage students next year to attend Illini West, the newly formed high school at Carthage. The "former" high school building as we once knew it will be housing the elementary students under the new school district name, La Harpe Community District #347. The "Unit" and "#335" are gone.

The High School Student Council invited former alumni for a small get-together, offering complimentary hot dogs, chips, and lemonade for all who attended. Alumni were encouraged to sign their name and year of graduation from La Harpe High School onto an alumni sign which will later be permanently displayed in the school. La Harpe graduate John Louden of Louden Signs in Macomb created a beautiful 4'x 8' purple and gold sign which reads "LaHarpe High School 1899-2007: We're Loyal to You La Harpe High". In the center of the sign is a current picture of the school. The second sign is gold, and reads "La Harpe High School Alumni". The members from the class of 2007 were the first signatures on the board.

As the crowds wandered in from the cancellation of the Memorial Day program in the park, many were led to the school library to look through old class composite pictures, aged yearbooks, scrapbooks, and to enjoy a few school time moments from the past.

The Student Council appreciates all who came to the school to sign the alumni board, and share memories. If you would still like to sign your name, there will be other opportunities to do so at various functions throughout the year. If you cannot get back to sign your name personally, send a note to the school in care of Joanna Sholl, and your name will be added.

Mother-Daughter LHS Graduates Virginia Palmer of Terre Haute and Holly Willdrick of La Harpe are two of 100 visitors who attended the La Harpe High School Open House Monday, May 28th. The two are signing a display sign of alumni that will be hung in the school.