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Relay For Life-Worthwhile

It's Caring, It's Sharing, It Gives Hope For A Cure

This past weekend's Henderson County Relay For Life at West Central High was much more than a fundraiser. The American Cancer Society's signature event for cancer research has grown because it is meeting needs.

Friday evening was a gathering place for those needing reassurance, seeking comfort, and wanting hope for tomorrow and future generations.

Amanda Lenz, mother of 4 year old Sadie the 2007 Honorary Chairperson Cancer Survivor, briefly shared about her daughter's journey with Wilms Tumor.

Sadie bounces back from surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, fever, shots, hair loss and recently more surgeries.

"It's scary and unexpected," her mother told Relay supporters, "but I have become stronger for it."

"I've cut down on the complaining and try to look at the bright side, no matter what is happening."

Amanda graciously thanked all who has helped in any way and those who put on Relay For Life. "This is an awesome way to help," she said.

(Below) Darla Thompson, who was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer, introduces her family members as her biggest supporters. She had many others who stood by her, including Pastor Carol Stufflebeam. Darla's cancer has a low percentage of survival, but since it was found in stage 1, it was a plus, yet she had to have radical surgeries. Darla has been cancer free now for four years and when she makes it one more year to 5, they will proclaim her cancer-free. She said she couldn't have done it without the prayers and support of her family. "It is good to see so much support at Relay, and the work given to help in finding a cure.

Sadie Lenz, 4, and her mother Amanda Lenz

Darla Thompson and family members, her biggest supporters