The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

by Susan Galbraith, The Quill

Meet Your Neighbor Revonne Butler of Gladstone.

Revonne is the new Henderson County Zoning and Animal Control Officer.

Her office is located at the Oquawka Courthouse. Her phone number there is 309-867-2780 and her cell number is 309-221-1773

Revonne started her employment on May 31 of this year. She related that her predecessor, John Carrier, has been invaluable in helping train her.

On her first day of work she was sent out to inspect future hog confinements. She said that was quite a beginning to a new job.

Revonne was born in Madisonville, Kentucky, an army brat, as she states, the daughter of a military father. With her dad being in the military the family moved a lot and she has lived in several different states.

She graduated from high school in Burlington, Iowa and has been married to her husband, Scott, for 17 years. They have resided in Gladstone for the last 13 years.

They have two daughters, Megan and Hilleary who live in Burlington, Iowa.

Revonne and Scott have 7 grandchildren, Alexis (11), Alaina, (9), Kyleigh (8), Steven (7), Aaron (6), Jayla (5) and Addison (1).

Her mother, Yvonne Leathers, lives in Burlington, IA and her father is deceased.

She has 2 brothers, Roy (Dee) and their four children, and Jim (Lisa) and 2 children; two sisters, Wanita and son, and another sister, Holly.

Revonne enjoys training dogs along side her husband. They participate in hunt tests and field trails in which they compete in competitive and non-competitive tests with other dogs in field test settings.

Memorable vacations for her were with her Aunt Sis and Uncle Jerry in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Since she lived in many states growing up, family is very important to her and spending precious time with her aunt and uncle in North Carolina was always her favorite vacation.