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West Central #235 Public Relations Meeting Held

The West Central District #235 Public Relations committee met for the second time on Thursday, January 4, 2007.

In attendance were:

Ralph Grimm, Lonnie Brent, Alyssa Cabrera, Terri Copeland, Kathy Lafary, Dessa Rodeffer, Lani Hultgren, Susan Coffey, Lisa Lafary, Bev Brent, Kris Peterson, Alta Mae Brokaw, Tom Doran and Bob Dillon.

West Central Board of Education President, Lonnie Brent welcomed everyone to the meeting. He then turned the meeting over to District Superintendent Ralph Grimm.

Mr. Grimm explained that the purpose of the meeting was to review the list of ideas for enhancing public relations for the district that was generated at the November 29, 2006 meeting. Following that review and discussion, the members of the committee would be given a set of 6 dots and they would be asked to put one dot per idea from the list.

After this explanation, a brief review of the list of ideas that was generated on November 29, 2006 ensued. Clarification was provided on some of the points. Several of the ideas were then grouped together. A couple of new ideas were added.

As a result of the committee members placing their dots on the items of their choice, the following lists of PR ideas was generated.

Following this portion of the meeting, Mr. Grimm informed the group that the list generated above would be shared with the WC Board of Education at their January 17, 2007, meeting.

President Brent closed the meeting with his appreciation for everyone who helped with this project, and by telling everyone that there would be no more meetings scheduled unless or until there was a need to do so.